About us

Our company

Mich-Mich-Tactical is owned by a passionate Airsoft player who deeply loves Shell Ejecting Sniper Rifles. 

All rifles sold on this website are sold in a pre-order fashion. Why? Since There's only One guy behind Mich-Mich-Tactical, nicknamed Mich-Mich (nickname that comes from the factory I worked in), there is no stock. Retail price heavily depends on the quantity. All rifles are part of a bulk order of minimum 100 pieces. Al rifles are manufactured on CNC machines, which explain the prices. for instance, the MMT338ALM 27A1 MOD.1, is sold at 3000€ (a little less than US$3200). This price is based on a bulk order of 100 pieces "only". This price degress to 1800€ for a 300 pieces production, and goes down to 1000€ for 1000 pieces.

Pretty much like the real rifles manufacturers, there is a delay between the moment you hit the checkout button and when you receive your package. First delay concerns the time to gather the 100-1000 needed rifles to launch the order at the factory.

Once the order is launched, the factory needs around 2 months to make the rifles, and then ship them to me.

Once the rifles reach me, their chassis or their stocks are assembled, and the chambers are cut. Once the chambers are cut, headspace is set for each rifle. All rifles also have a unique serial number, which the customer can choose.

Then, the rifles are assembled, tested and chronoed. 

Each rifle is then put in it's hard case, along with it's accessories (magazines, cartridges, spare parts and accessories), and put in the shipping package.